At our Auction 15 – Rare bronze medal

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You liked the silver medals from the upcoming auction.

However, subjectively, it seems to us that the real treat is hidden in modest bronze. An enormous rarity medal known to us only from the van Berckell collection described by Piot in 1880, commemorating the Partition Sejm with a very rich symbolism.

Obverse: Polish people sitting on a throne with a shield with the coats of arms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth leaning against it, receiving an order from a figure in Roman costume pointing to the coats of arms of Russia, Austria and Prussia in the left field; in the right field there is a military camp, at the top in a half-arch the inscription AUTORITATE ET POTENTIA, in the section the legend:


Reverse: a figure on a throne holding a cornucopia and a caduceus, above it SALUTARIS CONCORDIA, in the section legend: AUSTRIAE RUSSIAE/BORUSSIAEQUE;

In our opinion, an absolute hit!


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