At our Auction 15 – Coins of Władysław IV Vasa

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Lovers of smaller denominations probably have nothing to look for among coins from the reign of Władysław IV Vasa. As we know, the minting of this period was based on the act of 1627, which prohibited the minting of small coins. This right was restored only after John II Casimir took the throne. Therefore, the choice of denominations here is quite limited to the highest ones, but if we manage to add something to the collection with a portrait of Władysław IV Vasa, we are sure that we have a unique coin, because many of them are not only rare typologically, but also due to limited in denomination, highly sought after and desired by collectors.

It so happens that at the upcoming auction we will have several thalers and a unique ducat of Władysław.…/0/w%C5%82%C4%85dys%C5%82%C4%85w%20Waza


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