At our Auction 15 – Coins of the Free City of Gdańsk

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Thursday is, in our opinion, a good day to start the announcement of our November auction, during which we would like to remind you that we have also planned a hotel session. One of the groups of coins that we can already announce today that will be the decoration of the auction is a selected collection of extremely popular coins of the Free City of Gdańsk. As the first beautiful mint piece of one of the most sought-after WMG coins – 10 guilders 1935.

The large 34 mm diameter 10 guilder nickel coin was minted only in one year during the period of the Free City of Gdańsk (1920-1939). In 1935, after the establishment of the new minting ordinance, 380,000 pieces of this denomination were minted in Berlin. Today, the item is rare and highly sought after… and, unfortunately, often counterfeited, like many WMG coins. Therefore, if someone is planning to add these items to their collection, we recommend buying from a really reliable source.


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