At our Auction 14 – Specimen of the 10 zloty banknote, July 15, 1924, series: II EM. AND.

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A decoration of our September auction – 10 zloty banknote specimen, 15.07.1924, series: II EM. A. A unique specimen, confirmed as the only note of this size. It is one of the three variations of the design of this banknote. It has an oblique inscription „WZÓR” (“SPECIMEN”) placed between two parallel lines, in red, as well as an inscription „Bez wartości” (“No value”) in the lower and upper margins, perforated with two holes. Precisely because of the specificity of perforation (during this process it was subject to some creases), this banknote is extremely difficult to access in high notes. The piece offered at our auction is a single value so highly rated.

A banknote worth recommending to the best collections of paper money. A second such opportunity to buy this value in this note may not happen again.


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