At our Auction 14 – Over 700 medieval coins

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Do not be afraid of medieval coinage. The fact is that this is quite a demanding area in numismatics, but once you get into this subject, it will be difficult to free yourself from it. Also, let’s not think that medieval coins have to cost a fortune. Yes, there are many rarities that cost a fortune, but the vast majority of coins are within the reach of many collectors. In the offer of our next auction, among over 700 medieval coins, you will find a real price range.

Just look at this Krakow denarius of Władysław II the Exile. The starting price for this iconographically interesting coin is PLN 400. It is a characteristic denarius depicting the fight between good and evil, which is a political allusion to the struggle of the Exile with the younger princes.

Probably the last type of coin of Władysław II the Exile.


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