At our Auction 14 – One of the best collections of Polish medieval coins ever sold as a set

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In the life of almost every collector there comes a day when you have to make one of the most difficult decisions in your life. This decision is often related to the family situation – the lack of an heir able to continue the collection. Of course, this is not the only reason for the decision to sell a given collection, and each case is different. At our 14th Auction, we have the great honor to mediate in the sale of one of the best collections of Polish medieval coins that has ever been sold as a set. At this point, we want to give the floor to the owner.

“Collecting coins began for me less than 40 years ago, with small bracteats. The variety of types, variants – and all at affordable prices – gave a lot of pleasure, especially to a then young collector full of enthusiasm for “collecting”. Later I became interested in denarii of Piasts dynasty, with particular emphasis on coins of Władysław Herman. Although directing your gaze into the orbit of denarii is not an exception, my choice was not so obvious then – after all, a few years ago denarii of Herman were not only not appreciated, but even they were not treated as extremely diverse coinage(!). In my mind, I decided to look for even the smallest differences in the stamps, diameter and weight of the discs – hence such a huge number of coins of this ruler in my collection and each one is different! Over the next years, I expanded my collection with coins of successive Piast rulers, however, I did not go beyond the 14th century. In the case of bracteates, which were still the apple of my eye, I was not afraid to reach for coins from both the 11th and 15th centuries. However, I limited them to the coins of the Piast dynasty – including those from the times of feudal fragmentation – of Silesia, Pomerania, the Teutonic Order, and even Lower Lusatia. I bought coins at auctions, in numismatic shops, but also from other – often eminent – collections. I know that I am currently handing over one of the most numerous numismatic collections in our country, and probably the largest of the collections on this subject. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, the decision has been made to sell the entire collection.”

At the end of this story, we would like to express our hope that collectors – spending a good few or several hours on the analysis of the collected material – will not only find the desired varieties and variants for their collections, but also take a moment to reflect on the passion and perseverance that accompanied the current owner throughout his entire numismatic life. We also hope that this collection will give rise to new collections, and who knows, maybe it will even become a numismatic signpost for someone, such as collections of Frankiewicz, Hutten-Czapski, Potocki or Karolkiewicz.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with this extraordinary collection:

We wish you fruitful hunting on September 9th

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