At our Auction 14 – Medieval coins related to Poland

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We can count down the hours to our 14th auction, not the days. We start on Saturday, September 9. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The entire Saturday is dedicated to medieval coins and, for dessert, those related to Poland. Taking advantage of the fact that today is Thursday, so there is not much time until Saturday, we encourage you to pay attention to, among others: a few beautiful shillings of Kazimierz Jagiellończyk. Coins that have been very popular for a long time are an excellent material for creating specialized collections. We have prepared several rarities in this topic for Saturday’s auction. For example, the undescribed Toruń shilling with a dot above the shield, or the extremely rare Gdańsk shilling with an eagle without a crown. We encourage you to take a look, because it’s really worth it.…/Sredniowiecze-polskie-do-1506-roku…


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