At our Auction 14 – Krakow ort of John II Casimir

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We stay with orts and the year 1668, but we move to Krakow. Another numismatic “white crow” that will join our September auction. In this variant, we have not reached any quotation of this coin on the Onebid platform. The presented piece is a much rarer type with the Leliwa coat of arms, minted after the resignation of Jan Krasiński of the Ślepowron coat of arms. Coin minted in the short period between Jan Andrzej Morsztyn, the Great Treasurer, of the Leliwa coat of arms, taking over the function of Treasurer in June 1668, and the king’s abdication on September 16 of that year. It is safe to say that this is one of the last orts of John II Casimir.

The rarity of this coin is given by the inscription MONETA / PO and not, as in others for this year, with the coat of arms of Leliwa MONET / POL, POLO or POLON.


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