At our Auction 14 – Insurrection 4 zlotys collection – 30 items in total!

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Insurrection 4 zlotys collection – a total of 30 items will be auctioned in September at our 14th auction. An extremely interesting banknote, recently beating collectors’ records of popularity and, most importantly, still not fully discovered. Studied and analyzed in every possible way. It is the subject of scientific and popular science studies. Collectors use this denomination to create advanced specialized collections.

The offer of the upcoming auction includes numerous letter variants, but also rarities such as “smutny” – a popular and sought-after variety with an inverted parenthesis, or a rarer variety with the error “birs”. To put it simply, we are pleased to invite you to a real insurrection feast at the upcoming event, in which we present probably the largest group of PLN 4 banknotes rated by PMG that has ever been offered at one auction. Selected pieces, practically all with the most sought-after notes at the level of sixty, will change owners in just over two weeks.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer.


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