At our Auction 14 – Coinage of the Teutonic Order

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The minting of the Teutonic Order is inextricably linked with the history of the Kingdom of Poland. Thanks to the Second Peace of Toruń signed on October 19, 1466, under which, among others, The Thirteen Years’ War ended and Prussia became a vassal of the Kingdom of Poland. All this was also related to the fact that the coins minted by the Order as fief coins were also somehow associated with the Polish monetary system.

Below we present you a mint shilling of Henry von Plauen, the first Grand Master who paid us homage. His coins were minted quite carelessly. Moreover, they were characterized by low silver purity (the mint profit was to cover the obligations arising from the Treaty and losses caused by the war). In the case of mint items, we can talk about extremely rare items. Such is the shilling visible below (in the variant with the ring legend HINRICVS LOCVTENES) – a representative of the rich offer of Teutonic coins in our upcoming auction. We encourage you to read it, because this is the last call to register for the auction…/Monety-panstw-zwiazanych…


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