At our Auction 14 – Bracteats of Leszek the White

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Bracteats can delight. Extremely diverse, rich in symbols. The September auction offer will include a unique collection of these coins. Three examples are selected below.

In the middle, there is an extremely rare bracteat incidentally listed on the market with a depiction of a heraldic eagle. On the right, there is a bracteat showing a half-figure with a scepter, characterized by excellent sculpting skills. Coin interpreted by Witold Garbaczewski as an image of a ruler with a lilac scepter, which can be both the staff of the Old Testament high priest Aaron (a sign of a ruler chosen by God) and a wand of justice (a sign of the judge’s authority).

On the left, an excellent bracteat probably modeled on German Magdeburg or Erfurt bracteats from the second half of the 19th century. 12th century. The depicted figure of the bishop over the arcade may be a symbolic legitimation of secular power.


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