At our Auction 14 – 3 rubles – 20 zlotys

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3 rubles – 20 zlotys – a two-denomination gold coin with a value of three rubles and twenty zlotys, prepared for the Kingdom of Poland in the period after the November Uprising, introduced into circulation simultaneously in the Kingdom and the Russian Empire by the Tsar’s decree of May 1, 1834. The coin was minted in mints in St. Petersburg and Warsaw in the years 1834–1841.

The item offered at our auction is a St. Petersburg issue from 1835. Very well-preserved details, especially on the obverse. Much preserved mint luster. A rare item in this condition.

Two-denomination coins of the Kingdom of Poland have their fans and this number is constantly growing, but we still believe that compared to other Polish and Polish-related coins, these are still in many cases significantly underestimated.…/monety-zabor-rosyjski…/1857222


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