At our Auction 12 – Thaler of Sigismund III Vasa from 1634

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A few days ago we presented a beautiful thaler of Władysław IV Vasa from 1634. Today we return to the earlier reign – 1630, Bydgoszcz mint, Sigismund III Vasa.

A copy with perfectly preserved details, practically without any traces of circulation. There are visible traces of smoothing the background on the obverse and a well-hidden trace of the pendant, but in the general presentation this is not a major drawback, because the above-mentioned perfect relief compensates a lot. Despite these minor flaws, the coin is really worth recommending.

A more interesting variant of the bust with turned fingers and stars beginning the legend on the obverse.

Obverse: surrounded by pearls, a royal half-figure in a four-curved crown, with lilac fleurons, with 5 jewels in the shape of crosses in an open hoop, topped with a royal apple; in a tubular collar and armour, with a sash; armor with 2 crosses in the wing, with a plate shoulder board, with the Order of the Golden Fleece suspended on a chain with 5 visible flints; holding a royal orb with two jewel belts in the shape of crosses in a 3 x 2 arrangement and a sword; right; in the outer rim, a legend separated by the Półkozic coat of arms in a simple escutcheon: *SIGIS(mundus)*III*D(ei):G(ratia)*REX*POL(oniae)*M(agnus)*D(ux)-*LIT(huanie)*RVS(siae):PRV(ssiae)*MASO(viae)*;

Dostych 30.5.12 (R7), Kopicki 1382 (R), Kamiński-Kurpiewski 1646 (R)

Reverse: crowned with a bead ring, a double-bow crown with a mesh bonnet, with 5 worm-shaped fleurons topped with crosses, with 9 cross-shaped jewels in an open hoop; a nine-field heraldic shield with the coats of arms of the Crown, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Sweden, the Folkungs and the Sheaf coat of arms of the Vasa dynasty, with labros on the sides, surrounded by a chain of 16 flints, with the Order of the Golden Fleece; between the shield and the chain initials I-I Jakub Jakobson and the date 16-30; in the outer ring a legend separated by the Order:



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