At our Auction 12 – Rare and sought after pattern 20 zlotys 1924 minted in bronze

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We started it strong and we will end today with a strong accent. This time something for lovers of interwar coins (we will only add that this is not the only pattern coin of the Second Polish Republic that we will be offering at the April auction). Beautiful, rare and sought after pattern 20 zlotys 1924 minted in bronze. More commonly known as “Monogram”. The coin was minted in a declared mintage of 120 pieces.

This inconspicuous coin is the result of a competition and preparations for the issue of gold coins during the Second Polish Republic. Of the four planned denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100 zlotys, only two, as we know, were made – 10 and 20 zlotys with the image of Bolesław the Brave. The presented image has been “immortalized” only in the form of test prints in bronze, silver and gold.


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