At our Auction 12 – Duchy of Prussia ort coins of George Wilhelm

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The Duchy of Prussia ort coins of George Wilhelm gain more and more fans in the numismatic community every year. With the dynamically growing prices of, for example, Sigismund III Vasa’s orts from this period, the “Prussian equivalents” in our opinion are still strongly underestimated and underestimated by the market. It’s a pity, because these coins are unique and, contrary to appearances, very diverse – perfect for creating specialized collections. In addition, the very image of the obverse and reverse of the coin is very attractive to the collector.

Below are three selected pieces from the upcoming auction. Among them, an extremely rare variety with the date 1622 under the royal bust. A specimen from 1624 is also noteworthy – a beautiful piece with a minimally disturbed obverse circulation, but still an extremely fresh and beautiful specimen.

All of George Wilhelm’s orts from our offer can be viewed here:…/Prusy%20Ksi%C4%85%C5%BC%C4%99ce…


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