At our Auction 12 – Courland trojak coins of Wilhelm Kettler

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Courland trojak coins of Wilhelm Kettler are popular and very popular coins on the collector market. Just like coins historically associated with Poland, they are willingly included in collections. At the upcoming auction, we will have three phenomenal pieces on offer.

As the first one below, there is a triple from Mitawa from 1597. A specimen of excellent condition with a very sharp relief, a beautiful mirror and a delicate patina. The second highest NGC grading note among those assessed so far.

The next ones are two specimens from the year 1598. The first of them, an extremely rare specimen (R6) known from single auction quotations. Therefore, perhaps this is the only opportunity to supplement the specialized collection of trojak coins with this specimen.

The third specimen is an excellent piece in terms of its state of preservation, additionally not described in T. Iger’s specialized catalogue, a variant of the obverse legend with a portrait separating all three words: MONE ARG CVR.

In addition, it is a variant without punctuation on the obverse, on the reverse there is a dot between the Eagle and the Pogoń, and in the first line.…/Monety-panstw-zwiazanych…


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