At our Auction 12 – Bydgoszcz ort coins of Sigismund III Vasa

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We can successfully write about Bydgoszcz orts of Sigismund III Vasa that they were a mass issue. Today, there is practically no numismatic auction without a dozen, and often several dozen, copies. But don’t let that mislead you.

This specimen presented below is a real rarity, incidentally appearing on the auction market, and in such a condition as this one is a real rarity. All thanks to the ornaments on the coat of arms, or rather the lack of them. It is their lack that makes it a very rare variety.

In Igor Shatalin’s reference catalog of orts, the coin is cataloged under entry BD21-I-2 with a rarity level of R5. The image shows a local imperfection and a mint defect of the sheet, but taking into account the rarity of its appearance on the market, its uniqueness successfully compensates for everything.

It is a real treat for collectors creating specialized collections of Bydgoszcz orts.…/monety-zygmunt-iii-waza-ort…/1662951


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