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We hope that this is not just a courtesy on your part, but a lively manifestation of your interest in the offer of our upcoming auction number 12. For several days you can familiarize yourself with the offer and for several days you can register and submit limits in the pre-auction. Observing the discussions on FB groups and reading the numerous messages we receive from you, we can see that the offer has been positively received by the market. When it comes to the number of registered people, we can already safely say that the turnout surprises us very much, and the auction itself is less than two weeks away.

You can still freely register, get acquainted with the offer, analyze and prepare a strategy. We would like to remind you that the auction will take place on April 22-23 and, what is worth emphasizing, on the first day, i.e. April 22, the auction, apart from online bidding, will also be in stationary form. We have already received many declarations of arrival in Rzeszów on that day, but we are still hoping that the closer this date is, the more people will decide to come to us in the capital of Podkarpacie. We are waiting for you.


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