At our Auction 12 – A beautiful Bydgoszcz ort of Jan Kazimierz

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A beautiful Bydgoszcz ort from an early, very interesting and dynamic (in this year we have issues of 21 and 18 groszy) issue (1650-1652) with the image of the king in a laurel wreath (as opposed to later issues where the king was already wearing a crown).

A piece with a minimal sheet defect, but with perfectly preserved details of the relief. Beautifully and evenly carved. In addition, it is a much rarer variety with an oval shield, because in this vintage we also have varieties with a straight shield.

In the latest and best study on the orts of Jan II Kazimierz, i.e. in the catalog of I. Shatalin, this variety is rated with the degree of rarity R6.


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