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Ladies and Gentlemen, the number of items in our upcoming January auction has exceeded 5,400. We will open the full offer any day now, so that you can read it and register. However, to arouse your curiosity, below is a short presentation of three extremely interesting items that will be auctioned at our auction in a few days.

The first one is the Lublin grosz 1597 of Sigismund III Vasa. Extremely rare type with the abbreviation of the date under the crown. This has not been listed on the auction market so far. The second specimen known to us is in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw. What is extremely interesting in the case of this grosz coin is the unusual depiction of the ruler without the attribute of power, which is the crown.

If there is someone among you who has a very advanced collection of John II Casimir’s orts, then with a high degree of probability it will still lack the ora from the year 1659 minted in Poznań, visible below. What distinguishes this coin is the Ślepowron coat of arms (the coat of arms of the treasurer of the crown, Jan Kazimierz Krasiński, who took this position in the last months of 1659). Extreme rarity confirmed in the catalog of Edmund Kopicki, the highest, apart from uniques, degree – R8. The author of the catalog refers only to two known to him specimens. The coin was not listed in the catalogs of Kamiński-Kurpiewski and Józef Tyszkiewicz.

Finally, an absolutely mint specimen (MS 63) of a rare type of Sigismund II Augustus half-grosz with a large Jastrzębiec coat of arms. A coin minted in Tykocin in 1566. The highest NGC grading note awarded so far, and also the only such highly rated specimen. This is by far the prettiest specimen of this variety that has appeared at Polish auctions over the last 30 years!


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