Przemysł II (1277-1297), bracteat, bust of the prince with a sword to the right – we think that this item should also be of interest to enthusiasts of medieval coinage. In Kopicki’s catalog (162), the degree of rarity was estimated at R6. This is confirmed by auction listings, because it appears in the collector’s trade extremely rarely.

Bracteate attributed to Przemysł II, son of Przemysł I, Duke of Poznań, and his wife, Princess Elisabeth of Wrocław, daughter of Henry II the Pious. Przemysł II was the Duke of Poznań in the years 1257–1279, the Duke of Greater Poland in the years 1279–1296, the Duke of Kraków in the years 1290–1291 and the King of Poland in the years 1295–1296.…/monety-przemysl-ii-1277…/1509363


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