At our Auction 11 – Phaleristics

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Phaleristics has always been a strong accent of each of our auctions. It is the same now. Below are some selected items from the section of Faleristics of the Second Polish Republic.

The decoration is undoubtedly the badge of the 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment, Stryj – Buszek Lwów. A beautifully preserved copy of one of the rarest badges of the interwar period.

A great curiosity is undoubtedly the Award of the Shooting Society in Krakow 1923 made in gold – a single specimen for the best shot during the Corpus Christi 1923.

Under the number 5042 we offer an officer’s badge of the 65th Pomeranian Murmansk Rifle Regiment, Grudziądz. A perfectly preserved specimen of the officer’s version. Numbered on the back – number 81.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of phaleristics of the Second Polish Republic.


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