At our Auction 11 – Königsberg ort coins of the Duchy of Prussia of George Wilhelm

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The Königsberg orts of George Wilhelm’s Ducal Prussia are very popular among collectors. Contrary to appearances, these coins are diverse and new, undescribed varieties and variants are being discovered all the time. Interesting for all those who want to create narrow thematic, specialized collections. At the upcoming auction, we offer, among others, three very interesting specimens:

1) ort 1622 in approximately mint condition, a rare variety with a bust without a crown.

2) ort 1625/6, a year with a date stamp, which is rarer on the market

3) ort 1625 variant not described in the Shatalin catalog with a rosette at the end of the reverse legend.…/Monety-panstw-zwiazanych…/1/0/0/ort


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