At our Auction 10 – Vilnius trojak coin 1652

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The most beautiful representative of this extremely rare Lithuanian triple on the collector’s market. Excellent appearance, sharp relief, small imperfections of the sheet metal.

The rarest of the Lithuanian trojak coins of Jan Kazimierz, minted without the consent of the then parliament. The type of the coin with the characteristic rate (under Pogoń, numbers 3-0 on the sides of the Gozdawa coat of arms) as 1/30 thaler.

Extreme rarity confirmed in the catalogs: RRRR (Ivanauskas), R7 (Iger and Kopicki), 60 gold marks (Tyszkiewicz).

We strongly recommend this coin to the best collections.

Awers: w otoku sznurowym popiersie królewskie w koronie, zbroi i płaszczu, w prawo, w otoku zewnętrznym legenda:


Reverse: along the rope edge Pogoń, underneath the marking 3-0 divided with the Gozdawa coat of arms, along the outer edge the legend:


The coin will be offered at the stationary auction on November 13, 2022.


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