At our Auction 10 – Vilnius grosz coin of Stefan Batory from 1580

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It’s time to start the announcements of the autumn stationary auction. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how we begin the presentation of the upcoming auction with an inconspicuous grosz. We would like to remind you that this will be the first stationary auction of our company, to which we invite you all. So we meet on Saturday, November 12 in Rzeszów.

Stefan Batory’s Vilnius grosz coin from 1580 (the first Vilnius grosz). A small coin, of great rarity. This is one of the most interesting items from the reign of this ruler that will be included in the offer of our stationary, November auction.

Typologically very rare coin (Ivanauskas 3SB5-2 (RRR), Kopicki 3355 (R6), Kurpiewski 274 (R4)). In addition, in such an excellent state of preservation, it is even more sought after. The presented specimen is a variety with a trefoil above the shields on the reverse, with the endings of the LIT / LITVAN legends.

A recommendable item for the best and most specialized collections. The rarity of this coin is evidenced by the fact that in E. Ivanauskas’s catalog this variant was illustrated with a clearly weaker specimen.

Obverse: along the rope edge a crowned royal bust in plate armor facing right, along the outer edge legend: STEPH•D•G•REX•PO•M•D•LIT

Reverse: along the rim edge, crowned coats of arms with the coats of arms of the Crown, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the coat of arms of the Dragon’s Teeth of Batory, above the trefoil shields, the date 15-80 is separated under the shields; along the outer rim: •GROSSVS•MAG•DVC•LITVAN•


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