At our Auction 10 – Unlisted in RIC, extremely rare for Ticinum Mint ADVENTVS AVG reverse type

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We do not forget about collectors of ancient coins. In the upcoming November auction as part of the Probus coin collection, we will offer, among others,  this UNIQUE of the great provenance  ex Philippe Gysen.

ADVENTVS AVG reverse type, not listed in RIC, extremely rare for the Ticinum mint, celebrating the emperor’s arrival in the city of Ticinum.

A very rare and heroically desirable naked type of bust with a spear and aegis (Greek: αιγίς aigís ‘goatskin’, Latin aegis) – in Greek mythology, the shield of the god Zeus and the goddess Athena was made of Amalthea’s goat skin. RIC V.2 incorrectly describes aegis as a “square shield”;

This particular variant is an unpublished unique piece of the highest rank! One of the biggest ornaments in the specialized Probus collection offered!


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