At our E-Auction 10 – Two excellent coins from the period of the Second Polish Republic

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At the end of this sunny, long weekend, we would like to add even more colors and show you two excellent coins from the period of the Second Polish Republic, which will change hands on May 22.

The first is 20 zlotys from 1924 with a Monogram. The design was the idea of T. Załuski, minted in a circulation of 120 pieces. A beautiful, mint-colored specimen was appreciated with the MS61 mark in NGC. The coin shows a characteristic crack in the stamp around 9 and 11 o’clock.

The second coin is also 20 zlotys, but it was minted in 1925 with a circulation of 105 pieces. The interwar sample was minted according to the design of Antoni Madeyski.

Next to them, there will be excellent coins of the Second Polish Republic, some of which we have recently shown on our profile.

We remind you that you can find items from the upcoming auction in the draft version on the Onebid platform!


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