At our Auction 10 – Trojak coin 1592 of the Duchy of Cieszyn during the reign of Adam Wacław

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Silesian coins are regularly present at our auctions. It will be no different now during the planned November stationary auction. We already offer a dozen or so coins from this region, but so far we will present a trojak coin that collectors have not seen at auctions for a long time. The hero of today’s presentation is the variant of trojak 1592 Duchy of Cieszyn from the reign of Adam Wacław, which has not yet been described in literature. It is the second year of issue of this prince’s trojak coins.

A beautiful specimen with a very well-preserved gloss, especially on the reverse, slightly bent. Very rare item, especially in this state of preservation (Iger Ci.92.3.- (R6)). Variant not described in Iger’s catalog with a legend as in variant b, but with a different punctuation on the reverse.

Obverse: along the linear edge a bust of a ruler in armor and a tubular ruff, facing right, along the outer edge a legend: •ADA•W•D:G•D•TESCH•ET•MAI•GLO•

Reverse: face value III, below it is an eagle that separates the date •1•5•-9•2•, the legend below ends with a mint mark (master Mikołaj Hevl’s mint mark in the shield):



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