At our Auction 10 – Three platinum rubles

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Three-ruble platinum coins were, apart from six and twelve-ruble coins, a kind of experiment. Financial advisers of Nicholas I proposed the issue of coins from this metal as a response to the shortage of gold on the money market. Platinum was mined by the Russians in the Urals and then they did not have a specific purpose for it. The issue of platinum coins lasted in the years 1828-1848, but due to the reluctance of the public to this metal, their issuance was abandoned after 1848.

At our auction, we offer a phenomenal, practically mint-coin with a face value of 3 rubles from the year 1844. All platinum coins are rare, but in mint and near-mint states they are practically unheard of on the auction market.

We definitely recommend it for really advanced collections of Russian coins.…/monety-rosja-mikolaj-i-3…/1436820


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