At our Auction 10 – Szóstak coin of Sigismund III Vasa

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Collectors of the Kraków szóstak coins of Sigismund III Vasa will immediately notice a rarity in this seemingly unattractive specimen.

Until recently, the coin was not described in the literature. Its uniqueness lies in the lack of the face value VI under the crown. Typologically very rare (Pączkowski R6) and occasionally offered on the market. Despite the poorer condition, the coin is really worth attention, because it is missing in most of the specialized collections of Kraków szóstak coins of Sigismund III Vasa.

The reverse of this copy was used by D. Pączkowski to illustrate the variety in the catalog of these coins published in the Warsaw Numismatic Diary No. 9.

We definitely recommend it. The coin will be on offer at our November stationary auction.


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