At our Auction 10 – Polish thalers

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We like thalers very much and, as it turns out, thalers really like us, or rather our auctions, because they will be very proudly represented at the upcoming stationary session. Below is a fragment of the offer of this denomination: Zygmunt III Waza 1630 Bydgoszcz (state 2 / R5), Władysław IV Waza 1634 Bydgoszcz (state 2 / R6) and Jan II Kazimierz 1649 Gdańsk (state 2 / 2- / R2).

We hope to open the full offer of our auction this weekend. We hope that the coins, medals and banknotes we propose will meet your interest. We also count on your personal arrival at our stationary session, which will take place on November 13 in Rzeszów. We would like to remind you that the auction will be accompanied by a collectors’ market – one of the largest in Poland.


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