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Banknotes experience a real renaissance and are very popular with each passing month. This can be seen in many auctions, where more and more banknotes appear, including a large part in excellent condition, thanks to which the popularity of individual departments dips even more!

Today we are taking a closer look at Polish marks, many of which you will have excellent copies at the upcoming event!

The auction will include a very rare banknote in such good condition, i.e. 5 million Polish marks in the 2+ condition, a rare banknote with a very good visual appearance, 10,000,000 Polish marks after restoration, very rare 1,000 Polish marks General, extremely rare 500 marks Directorate of the Polish National Loan Fund, excellent 5 Polish marks 1919 designed by Jerzy Półtawski (PMG 63 EPQ), perfectly preserved 500,000 Polish marks 1923, and also in the issue condition 50,000 Polish marks, 1 mkp 1916 B General, 20 Polish marks 1919 (PMG 67 EPQ), 5,000 Polish marks of 1920 (PMG 64 EPQ) and many, many other noteworthy banknotes.

As of today, over 360 banknotes have been added! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer 🙂


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