At our Auction 10 – One of the most beautiful Lviv ort coins of Jan II Kazimierz from 1556

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We can probably risk a statement that this specimen of the Lviv ort of Jan II Kazimierz from 1656 is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, that we have had in our company’s offer so far.

Coin with excellent provenance ex. Pączkowski. Reverse of the coin illustrated in the latest Igor Shatalin’s catalog of orts (p. 178).

An impressive specimen. Beautiful glow with a local mirror, sharp relief, only slight imperfections in the beating.

Importantly, it is very well minted, without any shifts and vibrations of the stamp, so characteristic for these coins.

Typologically, the coin itself is rare, and in this state of preservation it is practically unheard of.


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