At our Auction 10 – Grosz 1598, Lublin – condition 3+ / rarity R6-R8 and grosz 1613, Kraków – 1 • 6 • 13 – MS 66 max note

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The eternal dilemma of many collectors. Should I choose a lesser-preserved specimen, but a rare one, or a mint piece of a common coin? At the upcoming auction, collectors of penny coins will certainly have more than one such dilemma. An example below.

1) Sigismund III Vasa, Grosz 1598, Lublin – state 3+ / rarity R6-R8.

A very rare grosz from 1598, formerly wrongly assigned to the Poznań mint. Currently, thanks to the discovery of Mr. Marcin Żmudzin, it is known that this is a thoroughly Lublin product.…/monety-zygmunt-iii-waza…/1438914

2) Sigismund III Vasa, Grosz 1613, Kraków – 1 • 6 • 13 – MS 66 max note / typologically quite common coin, but unprecedented in this state of preservation.

A perfect mint specimen, with a beautiful shine all over the surface. The highest rating ever issued for NGC MS66. The only item so highly rated – a rarity in such a condition!…/monety-zygmunt-iii-waza…/1439816


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