At our E-Auction 10 – Coins of the Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire will be back at the upcoming auction. The offer includes not only denarii, but also antoniniani, follises, aces and semi-centenionalis. There will be coins of various rulers with various representations of both the bust and the reverse, including the Elagabal’s denarius with an offset in the legend and TEMPORVM FELICITAS, Julia Domna denar PIETAS PVBLICA and HILARITAS, Plautilla denar VENVS VICTRIX, Septimius Severus denarius P M TR III P XII and COS also coins of Gordian, Maksymin Thrac, Alexander Sever, as well as hemidrachm Hadrian, as well as many others, which you can see today on the Onebid website 😉
At the same time, we encourage you to sign up for the auction and watch selected items!


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