At our E-Auction 10 – Coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski

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We decided to devote Thursday to coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski. We want to show you 3 coins that definitely stand out from all those offered at the upcoming event.

The first one is a rare thaler from 1778 in a very nice condition. The coin is characterized by a beautiful, old patina and a well-preserved detail. We definitely recommend it!

The second coin is the rare Toruń trojak coin, minted in 1765. It is the second and last year of Toruń coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski, because in the following year, after the entry of the Universal on February 10, 1766, the Toruń City Council closed the mint. A very nice specimen, especially for this type of triple.

There is a lot of sparkle on the coin, especially on the reverse. It is a variety with a high monogram on the obverse and an asterisk above the angel on the reverse.

Variant of a stamp with date digits strongly wrapped at the bottom 1 7.

On the sides of the coat of arms there are the initials of the mint master Szymon Bruckman

At the end, at first glance, the popular two-zloty coin from 1767, however, it is not described in the specialist catalog of Parchimowicz and Brzeziński. Variant with three leaves in the wreath, with a dot after AUG, for a change with Sylma’s initials. In addition, the coin is distinguished by an excellent condition, which is accompanied by practically perfectly preserved details, excellent mint gloss and a beautiful patina. The coin has been rated by NGC on the MS61.

Which coin and why do you like the most? We encourage you to share your opinions!


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