At our E-Auction 10 – Coins of Sigismund II Augustus

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The coins of Zygmunt August have always accompanied our auctions and enjoyed great interest among bidders. At e-auction 10, we have also prepared several dozen items, among which collectors will find great, selected items, rare varieties as well as coins in slightly worse condition for beginners.

A beautiful specimen of the trojak coin from 1564, which has been beautifully stamped and has a nice mint gloss, deserves a special mention.

Grosz coins are also sought after. One from 1546 is on offer. Despite the drawbacks of the sheet metal, it is a well-preserved specimen for this issue 🙂

Another small, but well-liked and sought-after coin is the Gdańsk denarius from 1555, which appeared at our auction in the MS61 note.

Finally, a few excellent half-grosz coins 1547 and 1548 in MS notes, 1563 undefined due to the number 3 written in the date, and finally a rare variation of 1565 without the coat of arms Topór.

If you want to see more items, please see the entire catalog on the Onebid website!


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