At our E-Auction 10 – Coins of John II Casimir Vasa

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Today’s post should satisfy even the most demanding collectors. We will show our best items from the section of John II Casimir Vasa.

We didn’t know where to start, so we’ll start with an extremely rare item that is missing even in many very advanced collections – the Toruń ort coin from 1666! It is a mint specimen with an intact circulation relief and an excellent mint gloss. It is one of the most beautiful orts that has occurred on the market. It is a very rare Toruń ort from the late years of minting, missing in many good collections, even in a poorer state of preservation.

A variant with a single tie under the bust of the king. The legend of the obverse with the inscription IOH:CAS (…), on the reverse there are no dots at the end of the legend and the HD ligature in the HD-L monogram under the date. We definitely recommend it to the best collections!

The second outstanding item, which could be tempted to decorate the section, is the Lviv ort, minted in 1656. Despite the nuisance of many collectors about the Lviv orts, that these are lopsided and unsuccessful coins compared to those of Toruń or Gdańsk, it is referred to as “a beautiful coin in its ugliness”. It must be admitted that the Lviv orts were minted carelessly, as were the szóstak coins, but from time to time there are phenomenal coins on the market that delight literally everyone, and this is also the case this time. The specimen offered at the e-auction 10 is one of the few mint representatives.

A spectacular, selected, circumstantial specimen with a beautiful glow with a local mirror, sharp relief and only minor imperfections in the minting.

Importantly, it is very well minted, without any shifts and vibrations of the stamp, so characteristic of these coins.

One of the most beautiful Lviv orts that appeared on the domestic collector’s market – a great rarity. As if that was not enough, the coin comes from the excellent collection of Dariusz Pączkowski and has been presented in the Shatalin’s catalog of orts on page 178. This is a definitely coin for the best collections, we recommend it!

Another item that could be an ornament is a Gdańsk ort, minted in 1655.

The specimen is characterized by a beautiful, noble patina and gloss that changes into a coin’s mirror in places.

In our opinion, the most beautiful ort from the year 1655 that appeared on the domestic auction market.

Unheard of, practically unique, in this state of preservation.

Additionally, it is a rare early vintage, a very rare variety that was recorded only once in the Onebid archives, in 1996!

On the obverse, under the collar, a striped tie, on the reverse, above the coat of arms of Gdańsk, an extensive ornamental plant.

In the Shatalin catalog, this variety of the stamp is presented on the example of an ortho from the National Museum in Warsaw No. 2770/11488.

Front side inscription: IOH CAS.

What do you think will be the fourth item?

Here’s another ort! Once again, an excellent, circumstantial specimen with a phenomenal mint gloss and a delicate patina. It will be the Kraków ort from 1658, one of the most beautiful representatives of this year that appeared at auctions.

Variation with borders on both sides of the coin. Ring legend with M D L R P at the end of the obverse, ARGEN on the reverse.

Wieniawa coat of arms and initials T.L.B. (Titus Liwiusz Boratini – lessee of the Crown and Lithuanian mints) under the coat of arms. 

Finally, two great tymf coins with MS61 NGC marks.

Thus, we would like to inform you that there are 6 days left until the auction! Therefore, we encourage you to register on the Onebid website!


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