At our E-Auction 10 – Coins of Augustus III of Poland

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On Sunday it is time for Augustus III of Poland. A group of coins appeared at the auction, which collectors will be able to include in their collection on May 22.

The first item we want to show is a wedding gulden minted on the occasion of the wedding of the daughter of the Polish king Augustus III, Maria Amalia, with Karol Sycylijski. Typologically interesting item, quite rare in trade.

The next coins we want to show are szóstak (MS62), 8 grosz coin (2 + / 1-) and the well-liked ort coins (1754 MS62, 1755 MS64, 1756 MS61). At the end, however, there is a double coin minted in 1738 on the occasion of the wedding of Princess Maria Amalia with Karol Sycylijski (so you can buy two different denominations minted on the same occasion 🙂) 

The auction also included rare shillings, including the rarest year of August shillings from the mint in Toruń 1762, additionally a very rare variety dated high with the initials D-B (Daniel Bottcher) and many others that you can see today on the Onebid website.


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