At our Auction 10 – An interesting denarius

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As someone once said – “only a cow does not change its mind”. And since our team has the only thing in common with cows, which is the desire to eat them in a medium rare form, we changed our mind and the description of a denarius at the upcoming auction.

Moving on to the merits, we are glad that the position in our upcoming offer has become a catalyst to end the considerations of Mr. Krystian Browarny, known on the Internet as Krystian Piwny, which have been conducted for some time, which introduce a significant change in the identification and correct allocation of the issue of a characteristic denarius without a date – the so-called “Helm”. The punch line of my colleague’s actions resulted in our hero being rejuvenated and transferred from the father’s issue to his son. But you will find out more about it in the near future on the Portal  Numizmatyczny. On our part, we can only express our gratitude for the work that our almost neighbor puts in the popularization and updating of numismatic knowledge, showing that it is necessary to research, ponder, analyze … to finally draw conclusions, even if they are conclusions that destroy the current order and order

With collector’s greetings.

The RDA team


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