Below is something for lovers of medieval coinage. An extremely rare denarius of Władysław Laskonogi minted unilaterally in Gniezno (bracteate minting) with the name of Władysław and the head of St. Wojciech.

Kazimierz Stronczyński writes about them in an interesting way, distinguishing two-sided and one-sided types: “Two types with the name of Władysław, both in the variants mostly beaten on both sides. Some specimens in the type with St. Wojciech were bracteated, one or the other side of the denarius depicted and weighed only the half of the total denarii.”

The perfect state of preservation also deserves special attention. Coin evenly and deeply minted, assessed by us as full condition II.

Coin valued among collectors, hard to get, with prices reaching even several thousand zlotys.


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