At our Auction 10 – A very rare and desirable, heroically naked bust type with a spear and an aegis

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If you liked the “Probus” presented yesterday, we hope that it will also appeal to enthusiasts of ancient coins. A brilliant, mint specimen, which is one of the largest decorations in the specialized Probus collection offered!

A very rare and desirable, heroically naked type of bust with a spear and aegis (Greek: αιγίς aigís ‘goatskin’, Latin aegis) – in Greek mythology, the shield of the god Zeus and the goddess Athena was made of the goat skin of Amalthea. RIC V.2 incorrectly describes aegis as a “square shield”;

The offered variant of the bust with an aegis and additionally with a helmet is much rarer than the variant with an aegis but without a helmet (which itself is already rare).

We recommend it to the really best, highly specialized collections of ancient coins.


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