At our Auction 10 – A collection of selected, perfectly preserved banknotes

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Thanks to the trust that we have been placed in, we will have the pleasure to present you a collection that made a great impression on us already in November at the stationary session. And it is not about the rarity of the offered items, although in this aspect there is nothing to be ashamed of, but about the condition of individual specimens.

We have seen a lot, being a PMG and NGC dealer, several thousand items pass through our hands every year in absolutely excellent condition, of which only a few percent go to the auction market, but we literally never had such a collection! All, literally all copies are in absolutely excellent condition, often replaced several times in order to achieve the final effect of perfection. The collection is conducted in such a style that we decided to allocate it to a separate category at auction, so that everyone could experience and feel the magic over a dozen years of collecting with a passion for excellence ☺️

Without too long, we have allowed ourselves to take a few photos of sample items, and we will present the whole thing to you in the near future. For the hunters of perfection there is a real celebration in November, so if you like perfect qualities, plan your expenses now 😉


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