At our Auction 10 – 50 zlotys 1829 FH (Fryderyk Hunger – authorizing officer of the Warsaw Mint)

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The 50 zlotys 1829 FH gold coin (Fryderyk Hunger – commanding officer of the Warsaw Mint) is one of the decorations in the coin section of the Congress Kingdom, which will be auctioned during the stationary auction of the RDA Rzeszów Auction House on November 13. We encourage you to reserve your time and come to Rzeszów for this event.

This specimen is very rare on the market, with a circulation of only 1,878 copies. A coin with minimal justification, but with perfectly preserved relief elements. The tsar’s sack, which wipes off the fastest in this issue, is beautiful and legible here.

This coin is missing from many coin collections of this period, even the advanced ones. We definitely recommend it.


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