We end the week with the announcement of a strong segment from the foreign coins section of the upcoming auction. We can say with full responsibility that this year no domestic auction house has served such a large amount of rare, and most importantly in excellent condition, Russian coins. At the moment, two days after the opening of the auction, we can safely say that this department has never aroused such great emotions in you.

We will start the section with the selected Peter I Altyn in the highest rating given by NGC – MS64, and we will end with a red from 1982 also appreciated by the highest rating given by NGC – MS69. Between these two so extreme and different coins it will only be more interesting – a lot of gold, including rare years in perfect condition, or a whole group of commemorative rubles with the rarest copies. It is difficult to focus on a specific item here, because in principle each one deserves a shorter or longer article, but due to the short deadline, we will only allow ourselves to present a few selected photos, while for a sip of merits, we invite you to the auction

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