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Today, a slightly different topic, because we will show a beautiful Moscow portcygar, i.e. a flat cigar box.

The item we offer is made of 875 silver and weighs 264 grams. The interior is gilded, and the box itself is made with the valued niello technique, which consists in decorating metal objects by carving a pattern in the metal, which is filled with a paste composed of silver, copper and lead sulphides, and then polished to obtain navy blue, black or sapphire – black drawing, contrasting with the background. In addition, interesting surface texturing with small indentations and delicate hoses on the edges of the decorated surface was used.

In the center of the medallion, there is a scene of a sleigh ride across the field in a three-man carriage, with two people and a coachman. On the reverse side, the medallion is delicately decorated with the owner’s initials. Around the medallions there is a delicate plant thread, decorated with the niello technique.

The latch is in working order, and the portcygar shows slight signs of use. On the inside,
84 goldsmiths (.875) are stamped with the name mark of the Moscow test of 1896 and the manufacturer’s namesake.

We invite you to watch the video where we present this beautiful product in more detail

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