We have decided to devote this day to medieval coins. Our offer includes, among others, a very charming coin attributed to the area of ​​Kujawy from the 13th century, showing a knight holding a cross (symbol of Christianity) and a gonfanon (symbol of statehood). Despite slight chipping, it is an interesting and quite rare item on the market.

Another very interesting coin at our auction will be the denarius of Bolesław III Krzywousty, which in his will led to feudal fragmentation for 200 years! On the reverse we can see a bishop with a book blessing with his hand. Next to him is a knight with a spear and a shield studded with bumps. The coin in a dark patina, with little traces of being in circulation, but still extremely interesting and very rare due to the double legend – one around the cross and the other in the linear outer ring

On November 22, the bracteate of Bolesław the Chaste with a very rich iconographic representation with a knight in a Piast helmet, holding a flowing gonfanon, will also be available for purchase. Witold Garbaczewski wrote more about the coin in Iconography of Piast coins,
it was struck with a barbarized stamp, where the arrow lies between two rows of pearls,
which symbolize a string or an architectural arch.

The auction will also include other coins from the division breakdown, such as
Władysław Łokietek, Siemowit or Leszek the White.

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