Coins of the last Jagiellons in our Auction 6.

This department of Polish coinage has always liked us, and this time is no different!

Our sixth auction includes a group of coins that can be characterized in two words – “rare” and “beautiful”
Because that’s what most of them are!

In the section of Sigismund the Old, we have the pleasure to allocate for sale a rare Krakow penny from 1546 with leaves under the obverse legend – the variety with this distinction is R3 by Kopicki and R4 by Kurpiewski.

We bid the item beforehand for a penny from 1545, not described in the literature, with a SIGIS error. MVND

Going further we will see an excellent half a penny from 1513. The coin was appreciated by the highest score in the NGC grading among the so far issued. The last of the group of 4 copies gardened at NGC (the previous 3 were sold at the RDA III, IV and V auctions).

The whole category will be closed by the Gdańsk grosz from 1548. A beautiful, circumstantial specimen. It is the rarest, last year of Zygmunt Stary’s Gdańsk pennies. Undescribed by Kurpiewski variety with the end of the PRV reverse legend, noticed only in the specialist catalog of Corpus Nummorum Gedanensis.

A recommendable item for even the most advanced collections, occasionally listed on the market!

Pleasant positions? And that’s only one king! The last of the Jagiellonians, Zygmunt II August,
is also well represented here.

First, all fours. Variation with the endings of the L / LI legends in the variant not described in Ivanauskas’s case with an imprint in the reverse legend, where the letter I was marked with V

The portrait triple and the coinage triplet group from 1562-1564 are another items that will change owners in November – and there is a lot to fight for!

In this section of the Polish coinage, we also offer a group of pennies, including a rarity, such as the year 1553 or 1564 in a rare variation.

But that’s not all – a rare penny with a date on the edge and … an excellent Gdańsk triple from 1557 will also go under the hammer!

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