After foreign coins, it is time for coins related to Poland. At the beginning, we take a closer look at Pomerania, from which we offer 1/3 thaler 1674 from Szczecin, an excellent copy,
with a slight shortage close to the rim on the left side and an excellent gloss. The coin is very rare in this condition on the market, additionally the copy was appreciated with the MS64 note in NGC. The second Pomeranian coin that we want to show today is the penny from Darłowo from 1619. Position with a slightly doubled beating, phenomenally preserved detail and excellent gloss.

Moving on to the next section, we would like to draw your attention especially to the selected Prussian ortas of Frederick II and III. Phenomenally preserved items from the years 1698-1755 from various mints in Królewiec, Szczecin and Wrocław. The one from 1698 from the mint in Königsberg deserves special attention. Great detail and perfect mint shine gave the coin an MS66 grade in NGC, which made it the highest grade ever awarded.

Among the smaller coins, it is definitely worth paying attention to the Albrecht Hohenzollern penny from the last minting year – 1558, which is a very rare item in trade. The second, even smaller item is the półtorak from 1619 by Jan Zygmunt. The specimen on offer in the presented condition is undoubtedly a rarity, additionally the coin appreciated with the MS63 mark in NGC.

The last two coins that we want to present are extremely rare, and their auction quotations are very few. Jerzy Fryderyk’s double-coin from 1599 appeared only once in the history of Poland in the auction. A very nice copy of a large coin, well-preserved detail and patina. Above the ruler’s head there is probably a trace of the removed mounting of the pendant. Polish Kroner Double Currencies are very rare in trade and reach very high prices on the auction market. It is not known when the next such denomination of this ruler will appear in trade, which is why it is an incredible treat for collectors of Silesian coins.

Finally, we have left the quarter-inch clip from 1521 by Albrecht Hohenzollern. The issue was issued during the knight’s war of 1519-1521, worth 8 groszy. Coins of this mintage are rare on the market today, they usually appear in identifiable states, but without any visible relief. The specimen from our auction looks above average and has a well-preserved detail.

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