We must admit that antique lovers will have a real feast in less than a month! Our event will abound in selected material not only in terms of its state of preservation, but also rarity 

First, the extremely rare antoninianus of Probus from the mint in Serdice, which in this variant of the bust, combined with the legend, was recorded only 5 times.

Another antoninianus comes from the Ticinum mint. It is characterized by a rare heroic bust with a spear and aegis. In addition, this variety in its state of preservation is an amazing treat for lovers of both Probus and Roman Empire coins.

Another variant of the bust, not described in the RIC, appears on the antoninianus from the Siscia mint, a coin struck in silver, but in excellent condition with visible silvering!

The auction will also include the antoninianus with the emperor in a military bust on the obverse and Virtus in a tunic on the reverse. A coin with a perfectly preserved silver plating on the obverse. We strongly recommend

Our offer also includes other antoninianuses from various mints, which we present below,
as well as many that you will see only after opening the catalog

We cordially invite you to follow our profile closely, more to come!

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